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Where Can I Go Surfing Near Lompoc, CA?

People associate the summer with heading to the beach. People in California associate a day at the beach with surfing. There are few things more fun than grabbing your board and hitting the water. The wind and water in your face is a hard feeling to describe.

Surfing is one of the most engaging and exciting summer activities out there. There are a lot of different spots to hit the waves, but not just any beach is going to do. It takes a special mix of atmosphere and ambiance to really have a good day at the beach. We’ll give you a quick list of some of the best surfing spots near Lompoc.

Surfing Areas near Lompoc, CA

Avila Beach

Located out near San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach is great for surfing and hanging out. There are great little shops and restaurants to enjoy when you’re done at the beach.

Sandbar Surf School

If you need a little bit of help learning how to surf, then head over to Pismo Beach and see the folks at the Sandbar Surf School. You can rent a surfboard here and get some tips on how to have fun.

Surf Country

Near Goleta, Surf Country can help give you confidence on the board. You’ll learn all you need to at Surf Country.

Sands Beach

A nice and quiet beach is perfect for the surfer who wants calm sands and stellar waves. It’s a fun and idyllic spot to have some fun.

How Do I Keep the Sand Out of My Car?

Toyota Vehicles in Lompoc, CA

You can find plenty of cars that can help you carry all of your surfboards here at Toyota of Lompoc. If you have any questions, then stop by or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.